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5 Guys At Each Position That I Want On My Team

1. Phillip Rivers
2. Matthew Stafford
3. Josh Freeman
4. Sam Bradford
5. Kevin Kolb

Running Back:
1. Jamaal Charles
2. LeGarrette Blount
3. Shonn Greene
4. Jahvid Best
5. Mike Tolbert

Wide Receiver:
1. Vincent Jackson
2. Dez Bryant
3. Mario Manningham
4. Santonio Holmes/Plaxico Burress
5. Malcom Floyd

Tight End:
1. Marcedes Lewis
2. Jimmy Graham
3. Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez
4. Dustin Keller
5. Todd Heap

Week 13: Are You Ready for the Playoffs?
By Ryan Alpert

Week 13 has rolled around and with many standard leagues getting ready to start the playoffs in week 14, and some leagues starting their playoffs this week, this is when you must have you have your best possible players in. I’m not saying that their won’t be any Jerome Harrisons from last year (over 500 in last 3 weeks of 2009), but are you really willing to risk starting someone like that. However, I’m here to show you who maybe you do want to try on, who to try on, and who to give up all hope on.

Players to maybe try on:

RB- Mike Goodson- Carolina Panthersà A Panthers player, really? Yes, really. 3 straight games with either a touchdown or 100 yards, and it’s not time to quit on him. Yes, Jonathan Stewart is back, but last week Goodson still played a big part in the running game, and the passing game, having a few huge receptions. If you’re looking for a Jerome Harrison type to burst on the scene late on the season, this is definitely someone to consider. Besides him, Brian Westbrook, and maybe Toby Gehart (depending on AP’s status), no starting running back is more, well rested.

RB- Brian Westbrook- San Francisco 49ersà No Frank Gore, and Brian Westbrook has a chance to jump back on the scene as a top running back. Last week in limited time he still managed over 20 carries for over 130 yards. I know what you’re thinking, “he did it against the Cardinals,” but looking towards week 14, he will go up against a very weak Seattle running D. If you can avoid him this week against Green Bay, then in all means do, but just watch out for this back, who before going down last season was top 5 in the NFL.

QB-Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay Buccaneersà This young Quaterback has somehow went completely unnoticed this year. However with over 10 points in every game except for one this year, Freeman has produced more then normal fantasy starters such as Jay Cutler and Donovan McNabb. (Ok McNabb probably isn’t a starter after this year)

WR- Mario Manningham- New York Giantsà Not normally a player to watch, but with Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks out with injuries, Manningham will quickly turn into a viable number 2 wide receiver option. Last week without Smith or Nicks, Mario tallied 12 points, and if it hadn’t been for a late pass interference, would have been down for a lot more. In a few weeks for the Giants it may be something like, “Hey Eli, it’s me Mario.”

Players to definitely be playing:

QB-Jon Kitna- Dallas Cowboysà No more Marian Barber, and also like Jon needed an excuse to throw the ball almost 35 times a game. Play him is what I have to say. You may be thinking “c’mon man,” but as long as he keeps throwing, and only throwing, I say play him.

RB- LeGarrette Blount- Tampa Bay Buccaneersà Tampa Bay’s new number one Blount is, for lack of better words, a tank. The man just refuses to go down, and as long as he keeps running and putting up solid number 2 running back numbers, keep him in.

RB- Chris Johnson- Tennessee Titansà I probably didn’t have to tell you to play him, but with all the doubters after that 7 yard game, I’m here to tell you, DON’T DOUBT. With no more Rusty Smith at 
QB, Johnson is bound to get at least 20 carries a game. The Titans may be thinking more run because they are 4-2 when Johnson has had more then 10 fantasy points.

WR- Malcom Floyd- San Diego (Super) Chargersà PLAY HIM. Before he got injured, he was one of the most consistent receivers in the league, and now with Vincent Jackson injured (or so he says), Floyd is bound to be a top option for number one ranked QB Philip Rivers once again. With games of 15, 15, and 35 points before going down to injury, the numbers should speak for themselves.

WR- Nate Washington- Tennessee Titansà This play is strictly if you’re league has a flex position. Without a flex your cut to just 3 wide receivers, so unless he is a last resort without a flex, I wouldn’t say play him. However, if you have a flex, he very much deserves that spot. Since Moss has taken his talents to Nashville, the production of Washington has increased greatly. With 9 and 17 points since welcoming Moss, he is definitely getting more attention, and definitely should claim ownership to your flex.

WR-Johnny Knox- Chicago Bearsà Quick, elusive, and explosive; why shouldn’t you play him. After completely toying with a strong Eagles secondary last week, he has solidified himself as Jay Cutler’s top option in Chi-town. Knox’s numbers do fluctuate a little between 5 and 15, but still take that risk especially at the 3rd wide receiver slot.

TE- Todd Heap & Marcedes Lewis- Baltimore & Jacksonvilleà Play these two. Yes you only have one of them, but if you own either play them. Marcedes has became most likely the number one option for Garrard with Sims-Walker going down to injury, and Heap, he’s simply been a top 5 tight end since week 6. Since 6 Heap has only had one week under 5 points, and has solidified himself as a top 10 NFL tight end. Love you tight end, play your tight end, especially if its one of these two.

Players to say bye-bye to:

WR-Chad Ochocinco- Cincinnati Bengalsà No explanation needed, he just hasn’t produced besides for what maybe 2-3 weeks at most. Sit him. I don’t care who you play over him, but sit him

RB- Ronnie Brown- Miami Dolphinsà He has been dreadful this season. His only upside is that he’s not on IR yet. With Ricky Williams starting to produce a little, its inevitable that Brown’s role will diminish very shortly. As well the Dolphins running game in general looks to be sinking, just like the rest of the team. BENCH HIM!

QB- Mark Sanchez- New York Jetsà With matchups against Pittsburgh and Chicago over two playoff weeks, there’s no reason to play an inconsistent Sanchez against some of the best defenses in the league. You can find better matchups.

RB- Brandon Jackson- Green Bay Packersà The Packers have made it clear that they’re not willing to run the ball, and until they are, Jackson stays where the other not productive running backs stay, on the bench.

WR- Roy E. Williams- Dallas Cowboysà With already productive Miles Austin, and with the shining star Dez Bryant starting to emerge, this guy becomes extraneous to the Dallas offense. No matter how much they pass, don’t expect it to go to Williams, and even if it does, don’t always expect him to catch it.
Really not much else to say about whom to start, sit, and watch. Its just about playoff time, and now is the time where you most definitely need your best players and no “sleepers” in the lineup.

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