Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The King of Queens

The Miami Heat will not win the NBA championship this season and won't even be playing for it. People have been quick to assume the Heat will win 4 or 5 rings the next 6 seasons but let's focus on this year.

1. The Center Position: Joel Anthony

Does any team have a worse starting center than the Miami Heat? They need someone down low to rebound, block shots, and be a threat. Joel Anthony has averaged 3 points and 3 rebounds in his first three seasons, he is not going to scare anyone. He would be no match for players like Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. In this decade a majority of the championship teams have had all start caliber centers who average double digit points and rebounds as well as being outstanding defenders (Shaq, Gasol, Duncan, etc).

2. Point Guard: Carlos Arroyo/Mario Chalmers

Realistically the only way to fix this would be to have LeBron play the point down the strech late in games. But they lack a true point guard to run the offense and be a facilitator. They don't need a scoring point guard, just someone who can defend and make good passes. Arroyo has bounced around and is really a average back up point guard. Chalmers has played well his first two seasons but his inexperience will show when trying to handle all these superstars. Yet again look at the other top teams, they all have true point guards leading their teams. Derek Fisher, Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose; all players who can score and hit free throws when needed but more importantly have high basketball IQs. I don't see Chalmers or Arroyo being able to guard anyone of these elite point guards. Derek Fisher would have been an extremely valuable addition to this roster.

3. Bench and Depth

After the "Big 3" the roster is full of players in the wrong side of their prime or players who shouldn't see the court unless it's from the bench. Haslem has been around for a while and will be the back up 4, he could be useful when Bosh takes a rest. Eddie House is instant offense and a great 3 point shooter, but it's not like their is a lack of offense on the Heat. Mike Miller is out for at least half the season but would've been a great 6th man, he will be missed.

4. The 3 Queens

LeBron will put up his stats night after night, but he still needs to improve his shooting and free throws. Wade sat out almost all of the preseason and will be rusty, while Bosh will be in an unfamiliar position going from a first option to a third. There is only one ball so someone is going to have to sacrifice points. Bosh is a great player but cannot defend players like Kevin Garnett and Amar'e down low. This just adds to the fact that the Bosh/Joel Anthony low post presence is a joke.

The wins, the blow outs, the fame will all be there this season but the rings will not. The Lakers and Celtics improved and had time to get healthy. The Magic and Spurs realize they need to win now after being so close the past few years. And in addition the Bulls and Thunder and legit contenders now and in the future. The Celtics, Magic, or Bulls could easily take down the Heat in a 7 game series. I would not put the Heat in a league of their own. The Lakers are the team to beat in the NBA, the Celtics are the team to beat in the East. Until this new Heat team fixes their problems (and gets some hardware) that won't change.

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