Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unfamiliar Names Prevail In The Endzone

Arian Foster, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, and Mike Tolbert are the top 3 players in rushing touchdowns with 13, 12, and 11 respectively. Peyton Hillis is also tied with 11 (along with others). But the fact is this season is full of breakout runners that have proven to be more than "one week wonders". Foster's success has been well documented all season but Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis has only one fewer touchdown than Foster. Arian Foster is the go-to-guy for the Texans and gets most of the touches, while Green-Ellis started the season battling for time with 4 other backs and has the league's best passing game hindering his opportunities. Despite all this, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis has taken Randy Moss's place as the Patriot's "touch down machine" and could also break the 1,000 yard plateau in the team's final two regular season games. The Chargers came into the season with a potential three headed rushing attack. Rookie Ryan Matthews was supposed to come in and replace LaDanian Tomlinson as the primary runner, Darren Sproles was there to be the spark plug for this prolific offense, while Mike Tolbert was designated to a third string role seeing possible touches on third down and on the goal line. But throughout this season Ryan Matthews has suffered chronic injuries for a myriad of alignments, nonetheless San Diego's offense hasn't missed a beat. Obviously a majority of the credit goes to Philip Rivers for playing MVP-caliber football but Mike Tolbert has taken over the full rushing responsibilities. Regardless of his full-back body Tolbert has been burning opposing defenses and using his strength to battle for first downs and powering through the endzone. The Broncos decided to "throw in" Peyton Hillis when they acquired Brady Quinn from the Browns. We know see why the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels and why Brown fans are happy they are finally on the top of a loop-sided-trade. Hillis already has over 1000 yards and 11 TD's but his most proud moment has to be on November 7th, when he torched the Patriots for two touchdowns on 210 total yards, handing New England one of there only two losses this whole year.

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