Saturday, February 5, 2011

Karma is a Bitch

The Cleveland Cavaliers have tied the record for most consecutive loses in one season with 23. They have also dropped 24 road games in a row. This is easily the worst season the Cavs have had in over thirty years. But the sad part is that Cleveland is even worse than their 8-41 record can show. The Cavaliers have not a single game in 2011, their last win came at home against the Knicks 49 days ago, back on December 18th. The Knicks couldn't pull away despite multiple runs and New York let Cleveland steal an overtime victory. Prior to that game the Cavs had lost 10 in a row, meaning that in their last 34 games Cleveland is 1-33 (that one win being a lucky overtime victory). Theoretically this historic losing streak could and should be at 34, rather than 23.

Cleveland started off this season hovering around .500, 7-10 after 17 games. But discluding the game against New York, the Cavaliers haven't won a game since Thanksgiving (Nov 27 vs. Memphis). Their eight wins break down into: New York (1), Memphis (1), Milwaukee (1), Philadelphia (2), Washington (1), New Jersey (1), and Boston (1).

There first win came in their first regular season game, their first game without LeBron. It came versus the Boston Celtics. Maybe it was the underdog mentality or the hatred for LeBron but Cleveland came out to beat Boston by 8 (95-87) after outscoring the Celtics 27-14 in the fourth quarter. The "Big 3" shot a combined 12 for 33 from the field (36%) and 1-7 from behind the arch (14%). Everyone on Cleveland seemed to have a great game and their season looked bright despite the loss of LeBron.

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