Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kobe vs. Michael: The End All Debate

On Friday Kobe played his 1,072nd career game against the New Orleans Hornets. Michael Jordan finished his career with 1,072 career games over 15 different seasons (19 year span due to retirements).

Games Played- Bryant: Since Kobe is just 32 and has never retired he will still have time to continue his career and accumulate more stats, wins, and rings. Michael career took place from the ages of 21 to 40 while Kobe has been in the league since he was 18, straight of out high school.

Games Started- Jordan: MJ began his career as a starter is rookie year, and finally retired a 40 year old starter for the Wizards. Out of his 1,072 games Jordan started all but 33 of them (97%) while Kobe has started 924 (86%)

Minutes Played- Jordan: Michael has played over 1,000 more minutes over the same number of games and his average of 38.3 minutes per game is higher than Kobe's average of 36.5. Michael had seen playing time regardless of age, over 3,000 minutes as a rookie and over 3,000 minutes at the age of 40. While Kobe only averaged 15 minutes per game as a rookie but now averages around 34.

Field Goals- Jordan: Jordan's numbers are in higher volume: Michael made 12, 192 shots (11.4 per game) while Kobe made 9,432 shots (8.8 per game), Jordan took 24,537 shots (22.9 per game) as opposed to Kobe's 20,728 shots (19.3 per game).

Free Throws- Jordan: MJ made more free throws and was sent to the line more often; ordan made 7,327 free throws (6.8 per game) to Bryant's 6,859 free throws made (6.4 per game). In regards to attempts Michael took 8,772 free throws (8.2 per game) while Kobe attempted 8,190 free throws (7.6 per game). There free throw percentages are almost identical 85.5 and 85.7, with Kobe beating out Michael by 0.2 percent. Overall the edge goes to MJ since they shot the same percentage but Michael was at the line more frequently.

Three Pointers- Bryant: Kobe runs away in this category making 1,370 three-pointers (1.3 per game), more than doubling Michael's 581 three-pointers (0.5 per game). Of course Kobe also took a ton more shots from behind the arc: 4,041 three-pointers (3.8 per game) as compared to MJ's 1,778 three-pointers (1.7 per game). But despite the huge gap in numbers Kobe only topped Michael by 1.2 percent (33.9% vs. 32.7 for MJ). Kobe's huge advantage is lessened by the fact that Michael was almost equally as effective form behind the arch but just took less long range shots.

Rebounding- Jordan: Although Kobe is taller than Michael (only slightly) Michael grabbed 1,668 offensive rebounds (1.6 per game) to Kobe's 1,266 offensive rebounds (1.2 per game). On the other end MJ had 5,004 defensive rebounds (4.7 per game) while Kobe brought in 4,406 defensive rebounds (4.1 per game). None the less both players have great numbers for shooting guards. After 1,072 career games, Kobe grabbed 5,672 total rebounds (5.3 per game), much less than Michael who grabbed 6,672 total rebounds (6.2 per game). In the exact same number of games Michael Jordan has exactly 1,000 more rebounds than Kobe.

Assists- Jordan: Michael once averaged 8 dimes a game back in the 88-89 season (along with 8 boards), one of the most impressive single seasons of all time. Jordan dished off for 5,633 assists (5.3 per game) in his career while Kobe has accumulated 5,020 assists (4.7 per game).

Steals- Jordan: No doubt MJ wins in this category, he's one of the greatest perimeter defenders in NBA history. Jordan lead the league in steals three times. He has 2,514 steals (2.3 per game) versus Kobe who has 1,617 steals (1.5 per game) thus far.

Blocks- Jordan: Again Jordan runs away in this category, Michael still holds the record for most all time blocks by a guard, 893 shots (0.8 per game). Kobe has a blocked a respectable 569 shots (0.5 per game).

Turnovers- Jordan: Bryant turned the ball over 3,133 times (2.9 per game), while Jordan turned the ball over 2,924 times (2.7 per game). Turning the ball over leads to the other team's points. Both players did it a lot, but Jordan did it less often.

Fouls- Jordan: In 1,072 Jordan committed 39 less fouls, an outstanding fact considering how he had so many more steals and blocks. Despite Jordan's tough defense and agressiveness he managed to play smart and commit less career fouls, 2,783, than Kobe: 2,822.

Total Points- Jordan: We all know Kobe has been making headlines climbing the all-time scoring list, passing Hall of Famers, but through an the same number of games MJ has over 5,000 more points: 32,292 aagaint Kobe's 27,093. MJ averaged a mind-blogging 30.1 points per game ranging over a long 15 season, 19 year career, which did not end until he was 40 years old. Kobe boosts a career average of 25.3 points per game, a number that has been increasing ever since his playing time has. Kobe's 15 minutes per game at 18 years old limited his numbers.


Michael Jordan is the great player to walk the planet and everyone loves to debate "Kobe vs. Michael" but the numbers don't lie, there is no debate. Michael Jordan scored more points, shot more efficiently from the field and from the line, grabbed more rebounds on both ends on the floor, was a better defender, committed less fouls, and turned the ball over less frequently than Kobe. The only category Kobe came out in top in was three point shooting, but really it goes down as a tie. This is because Michael only shot 1.2 percent less form behind the arch than Kobe, so many Kobe should be taking less threes than he has been.

Michael is 6-0 in the NBA Finals and came out the Finals MVP in each of the 6 series. Kobe is 5 for 7 in his finals appearances and only won 2 MVPS out of those 5 wins. MJ: 100% in the finals, won 100% of the MVPs. Kobe: 70% in the finals, winning the MVP only 2 out 5 times (40%).

Some Information Extracted From: Zachmo Marsupalami (Contributor)

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